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International Touring

The international touring application has been created to allow Radio Starmaker Fund qualifying artists to apply for international live appearances independently of their Canadian label and without having to make any significant investment. You may apply for funding for dates that occur up until 8 months after the application deadline. You can apply for dates that take place before the deadline for the round in which you are applying and only live appearances that have yet to take place will be considered for funding. Please note that headlining concerts where the gross potential for a concert is over $30,000 will be given lower priority by the Board when applications are being reviewed. Also, funding priority will be given to full tours as opposed to one-off dates.

International touring grants are available for both headlining and support performances. Headlining appearances where the capacity of the venue exceeds 1,000 will not be considered (except as outlined below), although support slots in venues over 1,000 are fine. Funding for live concert appearances will only be considered in venues that have a capacity of 100 or higher.

Special live appearances outside of a normal concert (i.e. private performances for the industry, in-stores, free shows, radio/television/internet performances) will be considered no matter the size of the audience. In order for these special live appearances to be considered or for any concerts where there is no fee to enter, background on the event or performance and the reason it should be funded needs to be outlined in the text of the Tour Strategy section.

Funds are capped at a flat fee per show or appearance, to a fixed number of dates per territory as outlined below. Applicants are expected to outline their promotion and distribution strategies in each territory within their application. No proof of expenditures will be required, however you will be required to keep detailed records of your tour in the event that you are audited.

All other live performances where you are applying for funding in the tour applications should be designated as either headline (when you are the main/top billed performer at a live appearance) or support (when you are not the main/top billed performer at a live appearance). We don‘t acknowledge co-headlining dates. For these bills, the artist that goes on last is the headliner. Any type of live performance will be considered including private industry performances, free shows, radio/television/internet performances, festivals, hard-ticketed concerts, etc. Any live appearance where there are 4 or more bands performing must be listed from the drop-down menu as a festival headline or festival support date and your guarantee for the performance must be provided. If all performers at a festival are appearing on the grounds of one central location (such as Governors Ball), then any appearance outside of headlining the main stage should be listed as a festival support appearance. If a festival takes place at a variety of different locations (such as SxSW) and you are headling (or supporting) that appearance, it should be listed as a festival headline (or support) appearance. Any performance outside of a regular hard-ticketed concert should be explained in the text of the touring application for it to be considered. A maximum of 2 live performances will be considered per day. Please combine all international tour dates into one application if possible.

You will need to prove that any approved live performance happened with your final paperwork in order for it to be funded, as follows:

DATES BOOKED BY A 3rd PARTY BOOKING AGENT (i.e. the Agency Group, S.L. Feldman, Paquin, CAA, Billions, etc.):

If your dates were booked by a 3rd party booking agent, the only form of proof the RSF will accept that the dates/cities/venues occurred, is the final reconciled financial statement/settlement from your 3rd party booking agent indicating the dates/cities/venues played and payments received. This final statement spreadsheet must be identified with a logo and/or complete contact information and typically includes the following information: show/engagement date, city, venue, guarantee, gross, commission, tax, deposits, etc.). If your 3rd party booking agent’s settlement does not include the venue names, then you must also provide an itinerary created by the booking agent. No other form of proof will be accepted.

DATES BOOKED BY A NON-3rd PARTY SOURCE (i.e. Manager, Label, Artist, Publicist, Radio Promoter, etc.):

If your dates were booked by a non-3rd party source (Manager, Label, Artist, Publicist, Radio Promoter, etc.) the only form of proof the RSF will accept that the dates/cities/venues occurred is the Starmaker created spreadsheet that can be found via the “Non-3rd party RSF Touring Reconciliation Document” link on the Starmaker website at This document is to be submitted to Starmaker only upon completion of your tour. Please note, your information will not automatically save to the Starmaker document on the RSF website. You must save this file as an excel document to your computer and submit it to Starmaker with all of the cells completed in full. If any of the cells remain blank, your document is incomplete. Both the manager and artist must sign and date this document prior to submitting it to RSF. No other form of proof will be accepted. All performances will be audited on a random basis to ensure compliance and failure to provide accurate information may result in grants being repayable. Please do not use this spreadsheet for any other purpose other than what is indicated above.

All applicants applying for festival dates or tour dates where four or more bands are on the same bill are required to include their guarantee for those dates in any touring application. Should this be the case, a booking agent’s reconciliation that includes the guarantee is required in order for the RSF to reconcile your file. If the guarantee included in your booking agent’s reconciliation exceeds the guarantee included in your original application, the RSF reserves the right to deny funding for those dates.

If a date was booked by a 3rd party booking agent (i.e. the Agency Group, S.L. Feldman, Paquin, CAA, Billions, etc.), you need to include the company name and agent’s name. If a date was booked by a non-3rd party company/person (management, label, artist, publicist, radio promoter, etc.) you need to include the company name and person who booked the live appearance. This information is required for each date submitted in order for that date to be considered for funding.

If you are approved for international tour funding you will be paid 50% of the approved funding (for confirmed dates) upon receipt of your signed contract(s). The final 50% of funding will be paid to you upon completion of your tour. Please note: funding requests cannot pre-date the date of your submitted application. Additionally, you may be required to provide official confirmation of the venue capacities.

International Touring: Funding Request Amounts

 Number of Dates Per YearPer Appearance
Australia / New Zealand15$2,500.00
Rest of Europe20$2,500.00
Rest of World20$2,500.00

For domestic and international touring applications – applicants must apply under their most recent full-length and/or their most recent bundle either of which can be released up to 6 months after the deadline for the round. Tour dates will now be counted on an annual basis so you have from January 1st through December 31st of each year to use the potential amount of available dates in each territory. Date counts will be re-set to 0 for all territories January 1st of each successive year.

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